Tuesday, May 6, 2008

MVP Voting ...

Kobe 82 1st place votes
Paul 28 1st place votes
KG 15 1st place votes
LJ 1 1st place vote

Wow. I'm genuinely blown away, if those numbers turn out to be accurate. Next we're going to hear the boy's picking up endorsement deals again ...


Another chunk of AI War coming shortly, for those of you totally bored by all this.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes they surprise you. Congrats to your team and its leader!

dcr said...

Speaking of AI War, do you have any plans for its future? Are you going to sign with a publisher? Self publish? Release it with a Creative Commons license?



Anonymous said...

Not bored, per se. Happy for you.

But compared to AI War, it's Kobe who?

Just tellin' it like it is.


BSP said...

As someone who grew up in Massachusetts in the 70's and 80's and who was a Celtics fan, I gotta tell you: It's time to let it go. Engage is primal scream therapy, something.

Daniel Keys Moran said...


Plans not entirely firmed up on the release of the novel. There will be a trade paperback, self-published, at a bare minimum, but I do want to talk to Baen as well; they expressed some interest a few months back.


Let go of what? My Celtics hatred? Not while I breathe.

I should note, for those who really don't get sports -- sports "hatred" is not like real hatred. Shaq's a good guy to all accounts. I respect and admire Larry Bird. I got nothing against Kevin McHale. Or Kevin Garnett, though he looks ugly as sin in green. Danny Ainge needs a punch in the face ... but it doesn't need to be me giving it.

That said, I want the Celtics to lose forever. Until someone takes away the memory of my childhood, of the grown men around me snarling and swearing every time the Lakers got knocked out of the playoffs by the Celtics, until then I want the Celtics to lose forever.

Shaq finishing out his career with first-round flameouts works for me. Nothing personal, just the way it is.

Neil said...

The question is, are you routing for a Celtics/Lakers final?

I despise the Lakers with every particle of my being, but I'm hoping for this matchup which puts me in the distasteful posture of hoping the lakers win games.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

Hell yes, I want a Lakers-Celtics finals. I wouldn't object to a Lakers-Pistons or Lakers-Lebron+7Dwarves or Lakers-Magic final, but but a Lakers-Celtics Finals would be like being young again.

And I want my sons to hate the Celtics properly. Oh, they say they hate the Celtics --

"The Celtics are a False Prophet," FatSam said.

The boys shouted, "Death to the Celtics!"

... but they don't really. A good, hard-fought Finals should cure them of that.

Steve Perry said...

Hey, I got a letter from my mother, said they finally let Billy Cannon into the Football Hall of Fame -- even after he did two years for being part of a conterfeiting ring thirty years ago.

I heard the reason he got caught was because instead of "In God We Trust" on the fake money, it said "Go to Hell Ole MIss ..."

Same letter, my mother says, "Oh, and you slept with his wife once."

After I collected my jaw from the floor and read the rest of the graph, it seemed that Billy's wife was my baby-sitter, and I spent the night there the evening my younger brother was born.

I was two ...

Daniel Keys Moran said...

"even after he did two years for being part of a conterfeiting ring thirty years ago."

Poor Pete Rose. Should have played in a different, less hypocritical sport.

Same letter, my mother says, "Oh, and you slept with his wife once."


I was two

Super braggart.

Anonymous said...


It looks like I've found your home on the net. This is Patrick (aka C. Montgomery Burns from LT). I'm glad and happy to see that people can still read you, somewhere...anywhere. I hope you and your family are happy and well!

We miss you lots.

Laker fans across the globe