Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Donate Button

There's a donate button to the right. If you want to use it, thank you. It won't make me work faster; I'm already working as fast as I can, and yes, I know sometimes that feels glacial. Sorry, five kids, job, wife, Fighting The Dragon ... but I appreciate the thought and the persistence with which people have been bringing it up.

If you'd rather donate to a charity, bless you; Justice For Children, the Electronic Frontier Foundation. and the National Organization for Women all do work I admire.

I tested the donate button (it's in the upper right corner of the blog), and it appears to work, though the address verification was a little hinky -- it didn't like me putting "Los Angeles" down for my address, required I use "Sherman Oaks."

(Edit: There was a copy of the button in this post; it apparently wasn't working. I removed it. Use the upper right corner button -- or use danmoran909 at the yahoo domain. Or donate to the charity of your choice -- if you want to drop me a line telling me you did, I'd love to know.)


Thomas said...

Done. Thanks. Been thinking about doing that for years, now.

Anonymous said...

It certainly seems to work.
Thank you for more of Trent and the Great Wheel of Existence in general.

eKaser said...

Hmmm... didn't work for me. I tried it with both Firefox and IE, and both game me an error: "Error Detected: We were unable to decrypt the certificate id."

What's your Paypal email address? I can just send the payment (donation) directly from my account.


Lafe said...

I got the same "Error Detected: We were unable to decrypt the certificate id." error.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

Apparently the donate button in the post isn't working, but the one in the upper right is. I'll edit the post to remove the one in the post.

My email is danmoran909 at the yahoo domain, for those of you who still can't get this to work.

eKaser said...

Ah. Didn't even see the button in the upper-right, as I was reading the blog and saw the button there. The upper-right worked fine. Mission accomplished.

Since there was no opportunity to add comments to the donation, I'll add them here. I know you have felt hesitant (or uncomfortable, or whatever you've felt) about the donation button, but *I* feel good being able to send money DIRECTLY to the author, rather than pennies on the dollar from a book purchase (especially since, in this case, the book purchase is not even an option :-). Your books have meant a great deal to me, and while the donation may not increase the likelihood of any future works appearing, it certainly helps with my own internal karmic balance sheet. Write on! (To twist a phrase that places me dangerously far along on the aging curve...)


Anonymous said...

I second ekaser's comments. I've enjoyed your work for a couple of decades now; a lot of it free. I also own copies of the EE/AB/TLR/TLD limited editions. It feels good to be able to thank you for AI in particular.
Thanks again............Ron Joseph

Khyron said...

Back in my college years, around the mid nineties, a friend I'd been close to for several years made the first of two book recommendations to me.

He handed me a somewhat beat-up copy of _The Long Run_ and said, "You might like this" after we'd been talking about Heinlein a bit.

Stayed up all night reading it (those occasions have been rare; the first one was when my ninth grade english teacher gave me _Stranger in a Strange Land_, probably a firing offense.)

It was some three years later when I saw a copy of Emerald Eyes in a used bookstore - I'd picked up the habit of looking for it, just in case, whenever I stopped in at one. If anything, I liked the story there better than TLR, but I could see that the writing flowed better in the later work.

_The Last Dancer_ was such a sprawling work that it seems unwieldy, like it was two books forced into one; still, great ideas and good reading. I'm always enjoys it when neat mythos are being forged, and really enjoy it when good writing is involved in addition. The mythology of the Continuing Time, and the larger Great Wheel is a fun backdrop for a lifetime of storytelling. I hope you get the urge to continue it.

I've read the short stories as I've found them, on and other places and here. When the limited editions came out, I was happy to get hardbounds of the Continuing Time books; when the (can't recall the publisher) reprints came out, I was happy to add _The Armageddon Blues_ to my bookshelf, and liked Georges in much the way I like Trent.

I donate my time and money to charities all the time - cancer research, mostly; sometimes NOW; sometimes veteran's groups. My daily work also helps families all over America get health care and unemployment benefits, while ferreting out people who are abusing the system.

This wasn't a donation. This was partial repayment for the enjoyment I've gotten from reading your work over the years.

For the rest of the repayment, let me know if you're ever in the DC area and I'll take you to one of the better burger joints!

McKee's Miazma said...

Just donated, with my appreciation.


Anonymous said...

I too wish to express my appreciation for your work. Truly there have been few books I have enjoyed as much as Emerald Eyes. Carl Castanaveras is one of my all time favorite characters.

I look forward to more from your excellent continuing time series.

With my deepest respects, Thank You.

Anonymous said...


$50 sent. There's more when you post the rest of AI War. Others have noted that paypal sometimes drops notification emails, so I'm letting you know to check.

Someone recently postulated that, with the internet, artists don't need to find hundreds of thousands of fans to make a good living from their art; they just need to find 1000 or so "True Fans" who are willing to pay $100/year to enjoy their art. Obviously the exact numbers will vary depending on costs involved, but the principle is sound. Your writing is easily worth that much to me, and I imagine to more than a few others as well.

If you write it... we will buy it. Unless it's about basketball. Though I might make an exception for Trent playing basketball on the moon...

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to do donate anything which will help you to write and publish more Continuing Time works. That way lies Immortality...