Wednesday, November 17, 2010, "Freeway In My Back Yard."

New book, new website. is the website, "A Freeway In My Back Yard" is the book. First new book in over a decade, first new website in almost a decade. :-) I've been busy lately.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

560 comments need to be moderated ....

Admittedly most of them are spam, but some of them aren't....

You guys who pinged me with the "it's been a year!' ... OK. So it has.

A new collection -- "A Freeway In My Back Yard" -- is going up on kindle & itunes in the next week or two. It was out to proofers and anything they didn't catch is going as is. (I'm uploading it this weekend and am not clear how long Amazon/iTunes will take to make it available.) Table of contents:

Essays 1

A Freeway In My Back Yard 2

The Road Goes Everywhere 4

The Vast and Endless Sea 6

It’s Great to Be Me 8

Motorcycles 10

Two Guys Talking about Cars 12

The Conduct of a Gentleman 16

Freedom Highway 18

For My Father 21

Queen Of the Angels 23

Total Information Awareness 25

Don’t Get On The Plane 27

Greatest Movie You’ve Never Heard Of 28

Liars Like Me 29

Nonfiction 30

Speech to the Coalition for
Networked Information (1995) 31

A Faster Darkness (1995) 52

Driving to San Antonio (1997) 61

Infinite Methods (2007) 72

Fiction 78

A Day in the Life of a Telephone Pole (1974) 79

In Cool Blood 80

STAR WARS: Empire Blues 109

STAR WARS: A Barve Like That 134

STAR WARS: The Last One Standing 159

Roughing It During the Martian Invasion 220

On Sequoia Time 241

Spiderman Kevin Stout Moran 259

Everywhere You Want To Go 260

Scripts 263

5-Minute Brick 264

Pasty D 271

Dream On: Another One Bites The Dust 283

A Moment in Time 316

The collection following it has the following (roughly, though a couple of the pieces are from the dawn of time and need some rewriting):

Old Man and Other Stories:

Tales of the Great Wheel

The Gray Maelstrom

Given the Game


The Best Of All Possible Worlds

Correspondence (with Jodi Moran)

On the Boulevard of Dreams

Realtime (with Gladys Prebehalla)


Old Man

Tales of the Continuing Time

Starcloud (13 Billion B.C.; 2464 A.D.)

The Revolt of the Living (4.5 Billion B.C.; 3024 A.D.)

The Shepherds (2049)

Bordered in Blue (2072)

LeftBehind (2485-2489)

The Last Shot (2493)

Smile And Give Me A Kiss (2759-2803)

Cities In The Darkness (3020-3024)

Tales of the Shattered World

Hell Next Five Exits (155,305 ATB)

The Sheriff of Shokes (182,419 ATB)

And finally, there's a book thing coming too, a longer piece, which I might be willing to sell to people who have the good grace to not ask about it.


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