Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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You guys who pinged me with the "it's been a year!' ... OK. So it has.

A new collection -- "A Freeway In My Back Yard" -- is going up on kindle & itunes in the next week or two. It was out to proofers and anything they didn't catch is going as is. (I'm uploading it this weekend and am not clear how long Amazon/iTunes will take to make it available.) Table of contents:

Essays 1

A Freeway In My Back Yard 2

The Road Goes Everywhere 4

The Vast and Endless Sea 6

It’s Great to Be Me 8

Motorcycles 10

Two Guys Talking about Cars 12

The Conduct of a Gentleman 16

Freedom Highway 18

For My Father 21

Queen Of the Angels 23

Total Information Awareness 25

Don’t Get On The Plane 27

Greatest Movie You’ve Never Heard Of 28

Liars Like Me 29

Nonfiction 30

Speech to the Coalition for
Networked Information (1995) 31

A Faster Darkness (1995) 52

Driving to San Antonio (1997) 61

Infinite Methods (2007) 72

Fiction 78

A Day in the Life of a Telephone Pole (1974) 79

In Cool Blood 80

STAR WARS: Empire Blues 109

STAR WARS: A Barve Like That 134

STAR WARS: The Last One Standing 159

Roughing It During the Martian Invasion 220

On Sequoia Time 241

Spiderman Kevin Stout Moran 259

Everywhere You Want To Go 260

Scripts 263

5-Minute Brick 264

Pasty D 271

Dream On: Another One Bites The Dust 283

A Moment in Time 316

The collection following it has the following (roughly, though a couple of the pieces are from the dawn of time and need some rewriting):

Old Man and Other Stories:

Tales of the Great Wheel

The Gray Maelstrom

Given the Game


The Best Of All Possible Worlds

Correspondence (with Jodi Moran)

On the Boulevard of Dreams

Realtime (with Gladys Prebehalla)


Old Man

Tales of the Continuing Time

Starcloud (13 Billion B.C.; 2464 A.D.)

The Revolt of the Living (4.5 Billion B.C.; 3024 A.D.)

The Shepherds (2049)

Bordered in Blue (2072)

LeftBehind (2485-2489)

The Last Shot (2493)

Smile And Give Me A Kiss (2759-2803)

Cities In The Darkness (3020-3024)

Tales of the Shattered World

Hell Next Five Exits (155,305 ATB)

The Sheriff of Shokes (182,419 ATB)

And finally, there's a book thing coming too, a longer piece, which I might be willing to sell to people who have the good grace to not ask about it.


There's a facebook fan page that I rarely post to, if you're on Facebook.


Unknown said...


Seriously. I just had to do that. And it's probably not first.

Sean Fagan said...

Hey. Some of those look new. Ish. :)

Daniel Keys Moran said...


There's nothing new in either book; drafts exist of all of it. Some of the 2nd book is really ancient drafts -- but new to people who've never seen them, sure.

Steve Perry said...

Well worth reading; a great collection.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

I accidentally deleted a comment from "Robin" that said:


Sign me up! And glad to hear everything is going well. Also, while I know not the book thing to which you refer, I might be interested in that too. Slightly.


Jeff Mott said...

This is great news, I think I've read most of that but it'll be great to have it all collected in an official release. Sadly, as I own neither a Kindle nor an iDevice, I'm in a bit of a quandry. Is there any chance other formats will be available - similar to the way Steve Perry has been selling his e-books lately? If not, and particularly if the novel which shall not be mentioned will also be Kindle / iDevice only, I guess I'll just have to get with the century.


Sean Fagan said...

If either version is not DRM'd, then you can use something like calibre to convert to pretty much any format you like, including RTF or HTML. (I've done so in the past.)

Anonymous said...

I would also be interested in getting Old Man and Other Stories in a non-DRM format (watermarked PDF, print-on-demand paperback, whatever).

bourgon said...

Let me echo everyone else here: SQUEEEEEEEEE!

Also - Dan, are you going to SQL PASS this year, by any chance? (saw the SQL Server ref in your profile)

J.D. Ray said...

Realtime and LeftBehind are two of my favorite shorts. I'll be happy to see them in print, as it were.

Those of us who've read your blog for a while have seen pieces of Hell, Next Five Exits. Will it be complete in the published work? Considering it's one of the last in the CT timeline, I'm very interested to know how it ends.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

I can and will offer the books as PDF -- anyone wants to buy from me directly via Paypal, I'll knock a buck off the price. ($7.99, I think, for the collections, so $6.99 sold directly.)

I'm not clear if iTunes is always DRM'd or not; I believe Amazon has the option (based on their upload page) for non-DRM, which I will certainly select. While I won't stop people from buying a DRM'd copy of one of my books, I sure wouldn't do it.

I'm unclear how big the demand is for POD. If it's real, I'll try to arrange something. I do think POD is going to die in the not-very-long-term ... a lot of expense to hold paper in your hands.


Nope. Not making Seattle this year. Sorry.


Yeah, both of the shattered world stories are complete, though Sheriff is a little inconsistent with "Hell," now, so it needs some work. There's going to be a gap of [some time] between the two collections as a result of the work the 2nd collection needs.

Sol said...

"Realtime" is being republished!?!!! Oh happy day...

Sean Fagan said...

It's been online for years -- actually, I can say decades at this time (over 13 years).

Jay said...


It's funny timing that you mentioned eBooks of your works.

A friend of mine and I were interesting in learning about the ePub format so we created ePubs of your 3 Continuing Time books (EE/Star, TLR, and TLD) as well as Realtime and some of your other stories and excerpts.

I want to stress that we haven't given these to anyone; they were created for our own use. But as they are your works, I would be happy to send you copies of the ePubs we made if you want to look at them, re-host them at, put them on the iTunes store, or whatever.

Rob said...


Some years ago after the Hell of Custody Proceedings began and you dropped off the face of the net, I volunteered my unswerving apathy, since it seemed that's what you needed. (At one point you jibed about dedicating your next major work to "those who showed me unswerving apathy when I needed it most," so I'm pretty sure you know what I mean.)

You've been missed for the last year: but whenever the subject of, "hey, maybe I should ask him what's up" came up, I thought better of it. After all: sometimes it's a man's prerogative to just vanish for a while, and the people around him ought respect that.

So. It's good to have you back, even if only for a post. And it's good that my year of apathy can end. :)

Mike Schooley said...

Good to finally have something new posted, albeit not the "new" that I personally was looking for (subliminal/jedi mind trick - AI war). I was a little bummed that you didn't post at all on the Lakers run this year as you had in the past. Thoughts? Chance for another 3peat?

J.D. Ray said...

Mike S: Just a little hint -- when Dan said at the end of this long-awaited post, "[and] finally, there's a book thing coming too, a longer piece, which I might be willing to sell to people who have the good grace to not ask about it," he was VERY LIKELY talking about the subject of your Jedi mind trick.

Patience, my good man, patience. The best things take time. In the meantime, read A Freeway in My Backyard when it comes out (this week?). Given the T.O.C., it'll be worth your time.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

I don't object to anyone's cynicism, skepticism, rage, depression, outright disbelief, or downright Jedi mind tricks, regarding a certain subject.

I am, however, tired of hearing about it. I have five kids from 8 to 20, 2 daughters in college, three boys who require care and attention, and the need to pay attention to my career. (Not to mention the decade-plus battle with a sociopath to protect all those children. We won, and the last year's been really great and productive, but it took a lot of time and energy and included us actually leaving the country at one point ...)

Surely a lot of this is my fault for having made statements that turned out to be untrue in the past. "If you want God to laugh, tell him your plans," and that's certainly been true in my case.

Having said all that, let's just say that various things will happen at some undefined future point, and expressing your displeasure that it hasn't happened previously, though understandable to me, isn't going to make it happen faster.

Yehuda said...

Welcome back!
Yay DKM stuff!
I join those who do not have an ereader but would be glad to buy these as PDFs.

I'm glad you've had a good year. Shana tova. (might as well keep the trend)

Tom said...

Good to have you back. Looking forward to these collections.

Jesse Wendel said...

Hi Dan,

Please post the URL where we are to send the money, and how much you'd like us to send. *smiles*

Good to hear you and your family are doing better.


Jesse Wendel, Publisher
Group News Blog

David DeLaney said...

I'll note that I would be Very Interested in getting both collections in solid form. (I'm fairly sure I have a _lot_ of the contents, or early versions thereof, already, snarfed from, in a folder on this computer; this doesn't stop my wanting an actual book.)

I'd be even more interested in having it in a form I could run across on the shelves at my local Barnes & Noble, though I understand that getting into their distributors' good graces might be complex.

Don't get me wrong - I'll be happy to pay for .pdf - but I bought Terminal Freedom, and would like the chance to buy these all in 3D too!


Anonymous said...

Outstanding to hear from you sir - may you continue be a dreamer of the day (as time permits)...

Unknown said...

Hola Dan- I don't recall the specific post where you laid out your ideal (pre-traceset) mobile device. Well, it would seem you were either a Mozilla consultant or they just read your post like I did and thought you were a genius. I love Mozilla but the least they could have done was called it the "DKM_Seabird" concept phone. It's still awesome though.

dak180 said...

Is there any chance that any of your work might end up on (my favorite place to get ebooks)?

I know that they have put up books from authors that had the rights reverted back to them (once or twice anyway).

In any case it is good to hear from you again.

KillJoy said...

Welcome Back Dan! I've been converting your books off of the old site to pdb's then this year to epubs for my iPad. I like to have paid copies of all your works as I believe that an artist should benefit from the results of their creativity. I have your limited editions and a couple paperback EE/tLR kicking around here as well. Thanks for the update, as a parent I know how busy life is with just a couple kids, let alone 5 plus issues miscellaneous wack jobs... The Family & the Career come first, the rest of us will just half to be patient (a little while longer...)

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

As another non-Kindle owner, I'd be happy to purchase pdf copies of both collections. Back in olden times, I was another of the limited edition buyers, and if any of the current projects appear in dead tree format, I'll be happy to purchase those, too.

Bob Manley

Derek van Koeverden said...

Not sure if my other post got posted or not...


Great to have you back Dan!!

I used to follow the mailing ages ago and absolutly love your books :) I have found that if your drag and drop the PDFs into the Books section of Itunes, you can tehn sync to you iDevice and then you can read the PDFs using IBook (A free App)

I sent you some money via Paypal for the new(ish) books put haven't heard anything back from you...

Team Make said...

I would love to buy the pdf from you. You mentioned $6.99 in your comments? What paypal id should I send it to?