Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Michael Brand's character sketches ...

Some concept art for a Face of Night project J.D. Ray is trying to put together. I quite like it.

More here.

There's been a nibble of interest on All Possible Worlds, too, and The Hotel California is in front of an actual publisher at the moment. (I've had half a dozen people read the Hotel outline -- Steve Perry said people were going to absolutely love or hate it, and so far I'm 4 & 2 on love vs. hate, so I guess he was right.)


We watched the last episode of the BBC's Life On Mars about two hour ago. It's shockingly good. Not all the BBC work I've seen has been brilliant -- the recent Torchwood miniseries would have had to crawl up out of the gutter to get to bad -- but on balance, there's not much on American tv I'd trade for it. (OK, Dexter is maybe the best thing ever broadcast on television -- I'm not kidding. But I'd rather watch 35 year old episodes of The Rockford Files, or 50 year old episodes of Maverick, than anything else being broadcast over the airwaves in this day and age, in this country.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009