Sunday, April 3, 2011

Last Dancer ver 1.0; updated AI War, EE, and TLR.

"The Last Dancer" is available for sale at An omnibus edition of all four Continuing Time novels will be available later tonight -- I'll update the front page of FSAnd when that happens with a graphic & link.

Anyone who's bought a copy of "The AI War, Book One," or "Emerald Eyes," or "Long Run," version 1.1 of those books is available now on FSAnd. You should be good to download them -- they're much cleaner than earlier copies, and have been tested on a much wider range of devices.

Also, new works from Steve Perry, and some new material from Margaret Weis Productions will be appearing on FSAnd -- Perry tonight, Margaret Weis probably on Monday.


Unknown said...

Many thanks for putting up Last Dancer, and while I'm at it, thanks for the whole Continuing Time :-)

And I appreciate how available you're making these books. Not being tied down to a single format or reader is fantastic.


nathan kaiser said...

Thanks DKM!

I stayed up till 4am that first night reading A.I. War.

ditmars1929 said...

This is great, Dan. Thanks!

Quick question - does the version of Emerald Eyes include that short story passage? I think it was called The Star?

Also, what about The Ring? I know you hate it, but many of your fans love it.


Daniel Keys Moran said...

I don't own the Ring, so the odds of that seeing print are much smaller -- not impossible, just smaller.

EE does have "The Star" in it.

ditmars1929 said...

Such a sad state of affairs when a man doesn't own his own material. I did hear about how you got screwed there. My condolences. And even if you don't like The Ring because you got...shall we say, editorially hijacked, it's still one of my favorites. Thank God I have a hard copy. Found it in a used bookstore in Portland, ME, about a million years ago. Even though it's a hard cover copy, it's got some serious wear and tear after all the times I've read it.

So glad you have "The Star" in EE. I'm actually reading my hard copy versions of your books now, and then I was going to order AI, but now I'll just go with the omnibus. I might wait a litttttle bit longer to make sure the kinks are out of the ordering/editing process, but I can't wait for AI.

Thanks, Dan!

Anonymous said...

Wow I am so happy to find your site and see you are still writing. I looked for ages years and years ago wanting more of the continuing time series. Nice to see there is finally a book 4 and I hope you do many more.