Monday, April 4, 2011


The Continuing Time Omnibus Edition (including The A.I. War, Book One: The Big Boost; The Last Dancer;The Long Run; and Emerald Eyes) is available for purchase at It's $22.99, or about five dollars cheaper than all the books purchased separately.


sourcejedi said...

Would this be one EPUB file, or a bulk discount for buying the exact same files?

If it comes as separate files, I'll (eventually) try to buy this version. Otherwise I'll just go with AI War.

I have Bujold's 10+ series as a mixture of omnibus and individual ebooks. IMO it doesn't make for an ideal experience :).

-dsr- said...

Well, consider the extra $5 goodwill towards your next novel.

(Yes, I bought all four a few days ago.)

Daniel Keys Moran said...

It's one set of files per book -- one epub/mobi/pdf/html per book -- zipped up by book and then zipped up again into the omnibus.

sourcejedi said...

I thought that was what directories were for :p.

Great, thanks for the explanation.


Hugo said...