Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick update ...

Edited copyright notice:

You may download, copy, and share this document, in its originally published format as either an .rtf or Adobe Acrobat file. You may print one copy of this document for your personal use, and you may loan or share that copy with others.

This document may not be altered in any way. It may not be transcoded into other formats. It may not be sold and printed copies of it may not be sold. It may not be employed for any commercial purpose by any party to whom the author has not contractually granted permission.

The author retains all rights not specifically granted above.


At this time there's no provision for printing your own copy of the documents and making a gift of the printed document -- I'm not against it in principle, but it creates some obvious difficulties. I did look at the various Creative Commons licenses, but there were none that said what I really wanted.

I downloaded all the docs over at immunity and corrected the copyright notice on them. I hoped to have them back up all together, but it's already 2 a.m. as I type this, and my alarm's going off in four hours. Here's the material that's in the "published" directory on my hard drive, however, when I get a chance to re-pdf everything -- this is all proofed and corrected, I think:

Short Fiction and Screenplays
All Possible Worlds
A Moment in Time
Given the Game
In Cool Blood
Old Man
On Sequoia Time
The Gray Maelstrom

Devlin's Razor by Jodi Moran
Terminal Freedom by Daniel Keys Moran and Jodi Moran
The Armageddon Bues
Emerald Eyes
The Long Run
The Last Dancer
Lord November: The Man-Spacething War (fragment, discussed recently on the Continuing Time mailing list.)


I don't know if I mentioned this here -- I've been talking to Angel Greenwood about the Sunset Strip, and we're doing a six-week run together -- I'm way late on getting her the script, but I did finish up the first 2 weeks this last weekend. The next time I see her I'll get some artwork scanned and post it here -- her character sketches certainly looked good.

Some samples of her webwork here -- not Sunset Strip stuff, though we've talked about taking some of the characters she's working with here and using them in the strip, if we ever get past six weeks.


OK ... Shaq impressed me last night. If he can keep up that level of effort for the remainder of the season and into the playoffs, the Suns threaten to be pretty good....

A win's a win, regardless. Kobe's the best player in the league and he showed it. The guys around him are first rate, for a pleasant change from the last few years of Kwame and Smush and Chucky Atkins, and the team as a whole is playing as well as anyone in the league since the Gasol trade, maybe better ... and all of this done without Andrew Bynum or Trevor Ariza, the Lakers second-best man defender.

I know Kobe Bryant -- he's looking at the imported and blossoming home-grown talent around him, and thinking seventy wins .... maybe not next year, but the year after? Kobe will be 31, Gasol will be 29, Lamar 29, Jordan Farmar 24, and Andrew Bynum 22. That's a nice mix of talent, youth and veterans.

If the Lakers crack 70 wins, even Kobe might win an MVP. You'd have to figure it would be at least even money at that point.


I know, I know, the only thing people really care about -- Amy's still talking to Bantam about AI War. They actually made noises like they might want the book, after all these years. When I know something, you will.


Khyron said...

Actually, I enjoy the sports commentary. It's not that I'm into sports at all, but like your DB design posts or listening to finance people talk, it's a window into a different world than the one I usually live in.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, would you rather have the book back, or would you be fine with bantam keeping it if they actually published it? Do you have a preference?

Banshee said...

Thank you for doing this. I especially look forward to reading Devlin's Razor and the Lord November fragment.

It would be really nifty if Bantam did get off its feathered tuckus and publish you again.