Sunday, February 3, 2008

Boston Goes Down

No chance at all that the Patriots could lose this one ... until they did.

That play by Manning, toward the end -- swarmed by the D, three different guys got a hand on his jersey, and he fought them off and and got that ball into the air -- man, what a great moment. Even if I hadn't been rooting for the Giants (and I wasn't, much, except that they were playing the Pats) ... even if I hadn't been rooting for them, that's the sort of play people remember on their death beds.

And earlier today the Lakers, sans Gasol, Ariza, Bynum, and Mihm, took it to the Wizards. They're now 2 & 1 on their longest road trip (9 games) in the modern NBA era, and what's left isn't as scary. They should beat the Nets (with Gasol in the lineup) -- should beat Atlanta, Orlando's going to be tough, should beat Miami (though the Heat will be amped for them), and should beat Charlotte and Minnesota. That's a likely 4-2, or 6-3 to finish the nine game roadie.

I wish we had our own football team in L.A., but barring that, watching the Patriots lose works for me.

The definition of Hubris:

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Michael Cardoza said...

The Giants played awesome. No complaints from this Boston fan. They deserved it.

My one kvetch: there was a Giants victory book ready to go too. That's not hubris, that's publishing.

Brady getting snotty about Plaxico's prediction, that's hubris. And was rewarded appropriate.

Deadford said...

A tough day for all us Boston fans. Eli Manning earned his MVP. But Dan, I think you get some serious credit too. You put a lot of effort into jinxing the Pats. The Giants couldn't have done it without you!

Steve Perry said...

That scramble Manning did on their last drive, and that catch when he passed the ball?


The gods wanted the Giants to win, almost as much as the Giants did.

Can't take anything away from them.

And boy, won't the Manning brothers have something to talk about for a long time ... ?

Daniel Keys Moran said...

Bradford, I did my best. As God is my witness, and any credit I'm due, I humbly accept.

Bryant -- I like your name -- OK, I didn't know there was a Giants book ready to go too. My bad.

But yeah, Brady might have kept his mouth shut on Plaxico's prediction -- if that was a lucky prediction, it was at a really convenient time.

Steve -- yeah, they will. And Archie, too ... the third Manning brother, Cooper, had a spinal problem that kept him from making the pros. Can you imagine if he had?

Probably the happiest guy on the planet right now (aside from Kobe Bryant) is Archie Manning, though. He was the best quarterback the league ever had to have such a rotten career -- watching his boys make back to back MVPs has gotta be some compensation.

Anonymous said...

They took down the webpage from the link. I manage to find it again in a cache page on a google search with the ISBN number.