Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Terminal Freedom, Devlin's Razor, Ai War, Freeway In My Back Yard

Terminal Freedom and Devlin's Razor are going to proofers today, late tonight. I'm sending both books to anyone who volunteered to proof -- but TF has been proofed a couple times; DR would be more useful to me, if you're picking only one.

If I haven't said so, and maybe I haven't, I really appreciate the time and energy people have put into this.

A Freeway in My Back Yard is probably going to ship before AI War does, but AI War shouldn't be long thereafter. I am looking for some POD service to provide hardcopy for those who really want it, for all these works.

Freeway is a collection of everything short form I've written that's worth publishing. It includes some stuff I've published separately -- Old Man, On Sequoia Time, the Star Wars stories, NPR and other essays, the Ola Blue short I wrote (Leftbehind) -- and probably "Cities in the Darkness," the Camber Tremodian story that's sitting in half-finished form on my hard drive. There are also likely to be exerpts of other longer works, not all of which I promise to ever finish -- bits of some Continuing Time novels I'll probably never write, some scenes from the Speedfreak story I wrote as a teenager, the opening chapter of Sharp Teeth -- and the scene where Trent meets Melissa du Bois, exactly as written in the first draft when I was (I think) 17.

I may even bundle up "A Day in the Life of a Telephone Pole," which I wrote when I was 12. It's pretty awful, but you know, 12.


Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to proof A.I. War. Please e-mail it to:

Thanks, Ed

Anonymous said...

My (purchasing) experiences with Lulu (http://www.lulu.com/) have all been positive, and the authors whose works I've purchased seem to be happy as well.

David Drysdale said...

For the POD thing, have you looked at Lulu? They do 6x9 and 8.5x11 paperback sizes, which should match up to the PDF sizes without too much extra effort.

Anonymous said...

O.K send me all books you need proofed.
e-mail to:



nathan kaiser said...

I would also suggest lulu.com, but there is also http://www.blurb.com...

Doc Nebula said...

I really want a copy of A.I. WAR in some kind of hard copy. It's odd how so many people seem to feel that hard copies really should be unnecessary now... I contribute to an e-zine called ASTONISHING ADVENTURES, and the editors there are absolutely fanatically resistant to doing anything to create an actual hard copy of the magazine that people could toss in a backpack or briefcase and take with them to read on the bus, or something. They honestly seem to feel that not only is the online .pdf adequate for all purposes, but it's actually SUPERIOR to hard copy.

Maybe we'll get there in another couple generations of technology, but right now, I find hard copies much, much more convenient than something that's online, which I need some kind of Internet port to actually read. Plus, I suspect I'm one of those people who will ALWAYS prefer hard copy to e-copy.

That's as a reader. As a writer, yeah, I understand the wonderful flexibility and cheapness of the e-format. Nonetheless, I'd far rather walk by a shelf in a BORDERS or a BARNES & NOBLE and see two or three titles by me on it, than I would surf to a website and see same.

So, yes, I will be delighted to learn where I can get a hard copy of A.I. WAR, and any collections you put out that also have CONTINUING TIME material in them.

Have I mentioned how much I continue to enjoy EMERALD EYES every time I reread it? The other CT stuff is cool, too (I especially enjoy the Travis cameo in LAST DANCER), but EMERALD EYES is the one that really rocks me, every time.

Anonymous said...


Quick question: Will "Freeway" include "The Gray Maelstrom"? My copy of that "Asimov's" issue is starting to fall apart and it would be nice to have that one in a more durable form. (I suppose I could take it to work and PDF it but I'm one of those people for whom the tactile sensation of books still outweighs the convenience of electronic storage.)

In any case, I'm looking forward to reading and proofing "Devlin's Razor".

~ Jas.

AndySocial said...

Saddest phrase read in years: "Continuing Time novels I'll probably never write" - and there was great weeping and gnashing of teeth on the DKM mailing list. :-)

Daniel Keys Moran said...

The books are off. If you wanted to proof and didn't get a copy, let me know.

I won't waste my MS bile on this little comment; I'm going to have me a big old post about it. Thank you "Microsoft Update" is all I have to say.

Bunnyman -- Travis McGee does not appear in any of my works. Period. Just saying.

Doc Nebula said...

Travis McGee does not appear in any of my works. Period. Just saying.

Whatever, dude.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

John D. MacDonald's estate is published by Fawcett Books. Which is owned by Random House. Which is owned by Bertellsman AG, which has annual revenues of 19.3 billion Euros and employes over 100,000 people, of whom about 7 million are lawyers.

And I got kiddies to feed. :-)

Daniel Keys Moran said...

Gray Maelstrom should be in there. Maybe realtime as well.

Doc Nebula said...

I dig the reality of copyright and trademark law. I also dig that tone is a hard thing to read on the 'net. Having said that, when one leaves a 284 word comment and gets 12 sharp words in response, which in addition to being rather curt are, well, entirely frickin nonsense, and we both know it, well... 'whatever, dude' was the fourth draft answer. The first three drafts were... let us say, crisper.

On the Internet, 'smile when you say that, pard' has entirely new volumes of meaning... which is to say, one little sideways emoticon at the end of your first response to me would have worked wonders.

Not that any of it matters in any larger scheme of things. I'm just a random guy who enjoys your work.

Doc Nebula said...

Oh, yeah, and one more point... having checked back on my original (blathering) comment, I never said 'Travis McGee'. I said 'Travis'. Abundance of caution doesn't have to include outright paranoia, and should certainly stop short of rudeness. Period. Just saying.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

Bunnyman, certainly not my intention to be rude, and I'm sorry if you took it that way. You posted the morning of the 14th -- on the 13th I worked until 10:30 P.M., drove home 60 miles, worked on finishing the formatting of Devlin's Razor and Terminal Freedom and finished a business proposal requesting some millions of dollars for a web startup, all of which took me past 3 A.M.: got up the next morning at 6:15 A.M. to take my children to school and found that Microsoft had blown up my notebook over night, packed my backup hard drives in my briefcase, got on the road at 7 A.M., drove 60 miles across Los Angeles and Orange County rush hour traffic to reach Irvine, spending a total of nearly 3 hours on the road, got to my client's location and uploaded the copies of Devlin's Razor and Terminal Freedom to the proofers, drove over to Starbucks and from my telephone responded to messages and emails, including the response to you, which was a joke and which I typed with the thumb of my right hand while while waiting for a triple non-fat latte ...

In the future I'll wait until a keyboard's available. :-)

I need to turn comment moderation back off.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

Comments moderation is turned off.

Doc Nebula said...

Fair enough. Thanks.

Raincon Admin said...

Is there a chance to still get in on that proofreading material? I'll try my hand at any one of the stories mentioned if you still have need.

Just respond here if so and I'll send an email to your box...I hate email harvesters.

Unknown said...


Will work at proofing either or both this weekend. Got a pass from working my part-time gig this weekend so should have plenty of time to read/proof. E-mail posted below.


eKaser said...

re: TF having been proofed once already... that's apparent. I'm about 1/2 way through, and so far have found very few things, far less than was in TLD.

Also, the first time I read TF (when it was originally released), I didn't care much for it. I'd been hoping for something more "in tone" with EE, TLR, TLD, and TF was very different from those. This time, without the ...mistaken expectations... I'm finding that I'm really enjoying it!

Everett Kaser

Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to proof D Razor and any other books. Mail at