Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rodney King has been shot in San Bernardino ...

"Early indications are that it very possibly could have been a domestic dispute," Paterson said.

I am not surprised. Having made one bad decision, such as living in San Bernardino, people are prone to make others.

The lesson here: don't go to San Bernardino. Just don't do it. Think of the children.


Anonymous said...

Shot by a pellet gun.
Was there ever a man more bedeviled by the goddess 'fortune'?

Man gets pulled over for driving while wasted, (file that under lucky for not crashing and killing himself, and unlucky because he was pulled over by the LAPD).

Takes a savage beating (unlucky), that might well have killed a lesser man (lucky).

Beating is caught on camera, leading to a fat settlement, and beating the original drunk driving charges (lucky). Cops who beat him walk, setting off a little war in LA (DOUBLE UNLUCKY).

Moves to Berdoo (Either unlucky, or a further demonstration of poor judgement to support the original charge of driving while wasted) and gets SHOT (unlucky), Later revealed to be shot by a PELLET GUN (still not really lucky, but you can see how it's a break, as compared with a .45 Magsafe, the man COULD have been shot with.)

In Conclusion,
Good Luck with the Getting Along, Rod.

MLL (who is not lucky with the logging in today)

Steve Perry said...

Karma never sleeps ...