Friday, July 11, 2008

Courtesy, Miracles, and Very Cool Art

This is pretty much an open subject blog. I'm talking about whatever I want to talk about, but if you want to make posts on any given subject, feel free to post a comment and go wherever you want to with it. My one request -- and this is me being nice, since really by "request" I mean I'll delete your posts if you repeatedly ignore it -- my one request is that you be polite to the other posters. There really is a difference between "That's a fascist idea" and "You're a fascist," between "That's a dreadful idea" and "You're a bad human being for suggesting it."


A news headline this morning: "Man shot in Miracle area." I clicked through and it turned out that a guy had been shot in the "Miracle Mile" area of Los Angeles. I e-mailed the headline to myself, though. There's a bit in one of the later stories where James Camber gets shot -- he's holding his hands out in a reflex action and the bullet passes through his hands and strikes him in the ribs. I have to be able to use that headline somewhere.


Extremely cool post over on Steve Perry's blog. For some reason it reminded me of my friend Milda de Voe, I'm not sure why. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan...

I grew up in the Miracle Mile area and still have friends who live there so it's scary to hear death & murder. Then again I witnessed a drive by shooting in front of Burger King on Wilshire and was mugged a few times at gun point so violence in that area isn't new. Scared the shit out of me.

I remember when we used to watch double features at the Four Star and walk over to Bob's Big Boy (is that still there?) for their Big Boy Combo. Man those were the days. Hope all is well.


Anonymous said...

Hi. A couple of questions about your writing, if I may.

Regarding James Camber, a long time ago, you mentioned you were pitching a series of novels to a publisher. I don't recall if you ever said how that turned out. If they said no, did they tell you why?

Also, I re-read "Terminal Freedom" recently and had a question: did you and your sister ever finish "In Cool Blood"? (Those opening paragraphs promised a very cool story.)


~ Mad Jamey

Daniel Keys Moran said...


There's still a Bob's on mid-Wilshire -- not sure if it's in the Miracle Mile area. The Bob's double cheeseburger is still a great burger too --the red relish is what makes it. One of a bunch of 9's on my best cheeseburgers list.


I got two offers on the Camber material, both for less than 10K per book. I turned them both down. I'm not really working much on "Hotel California" -- as slow as it's going, the only thing I'm working on is AI War -- but I am making notes, and there are several hundred pages of notes and outlines left over from the days when it was 2 books, "A Symphony in Black" and "The Hotel California."

I do like the new structure much better. It's a much more complex novel now. One of the things it did lose was the first person from Camber -- it's still there in bits and pieces, but mostly the novel, including Camber's scenes, are in third person.