Saturday, July 19, 2008


"Here are the things that fly," said Connor. "Bugs, bats, birds, blimps, and balloons."

"And airplanes," said FatSam.

"Yes," agreed Connor, "they should have named it Bearplane. To be con-sist...ent."


Thomas said...

I love 5 dollar words when they fall out of mouths of little people. You know they've been holding on to that word for just the right occasion.

My daughter asked me to remove her "stabil-iers" from her princess bicycle the other day, so she could learn how to ride like a big girl. I told her that I had to work, and I'd get to it in a few days. She said: "But, Daddy, you're talking to me now. That's just ...ridiculous."

I pretty much had to do her bidding for the rest of the day.

I blame TV.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

There are two great ages for small children -- at three they can talk fluently enough, and they have absolutely no filter on anything they say. If it comes into their head, it comes out their mouths.

The age of reason is very cool too. You can see the light turning on, the dawning awareness that the world works by rules and principles. Some of the observed rules and principles they come up with are priceless, but it's the process of watching them assemble an image of how the world works that's the greatest pleasure.

After that they're just people, for good and bad. I've been fortunate in my kids; they're good people.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moran, is there an emal address where I can reach you?

I had your pilot described to me, and I read a copy of the pilot, and I really like it. What I was told about the outline is what caught my attention though, any chance I could see a copy of that? I'm not going to go into my credits here, but I will if your not under option elsewhere.

Mike F.

Daniel Keys Moran said...

One of the eight people who's ever read that outline described it to you and didn't give you my email?

It's danmoran, then 909, at the yahoo domain.