Tuesday, December 18, 2018

"Tales of the Continuing Time and Other Stories" is available for order. Ordering instructions are below.

The book contains six unpublished Continuing Time stories, and twelve stories scattered around parts of the Great Wheel. Many of them are semi-related -- Georges Mordreaux, from "The Armageddon Blues," appears in two of the non-Continuing Time stories.

Tales of the Continuing Time
The Shepherds 2049; Leftbehind 2485 - 2489; The Shivering Bastard at Devnet 2676; A Son Enters, Stage Right 2681; Smile and Give Me a Kiss 2821 - 2873; Platformer 3021 - 3022

Other Stories
Realtime; The Gray Maelstrom; Given the Game; Strings; Play Date; Sideways; What Is And Is Not True; Uncle Jack; Old Man; A Conversation in the Kitchen With Her Father; Hell, Next Five Exits; All Possible Worlds

Here's the simple version of this: send $8.99 to danmoran909@outlook.com, via Paypal. We'll ship you a copy of The Tales of the Continuing Time And Other Stories, in EPUB (Apple), AZW3 (Kindle), HTML, and PDF format, using the email you used at Paypal.

Here's the slightly longer version.

We updated the ebook versions of all the epubs. They're cleaner and look better on most devices than previous versions. (A couple of the earliest didn't even have tables of contents.)

If you want them and you purchased them previously, say so. We'll go on the honor system here -- I promised people who bought off fsand.com that they'd get upgraded versions forever. You're that person? Tell me which of these you want, in the message field at Paypal.

If you want them and you haven't purchased them previously, add up whatever books you want -- these are the Amazon prices, I'm not allowed to sell them more cheaply.

The Armageddon Blues $0 or $5.99.
A Freeway In My Back Yard $0 or $6.99.
Terminal Freedom $0 or $5.99.

Emerald Eyes $0 or $2.99.
The Long Run $0 or $5.99.
The Last Dancer $0 or $5.99.
The A.I. War $0 or $7.99.

I'm not checking up on anyone. Tell me what you want, pay what's right, and the books will ship today and tomorrow.

Not ready for "Tales" but would still like the updated copies I promised you back in the dawn of the internet? Send me a message here with the books you'd like. I'll send them to you.


Unknown said...

Great news - loading up books for flights back home at Christmas.

Michael Grant said...
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Michael Grant said...

Is this new material? If so, does that mean you're writing again?

Any word on when the second half of "The AI War" might come out? (And will it have the plot thread with the Name Storyteller and Camber Tremodian in it, the absence of which I noticed in "The Big Boost"?)

My inner twenty-four-year-old still wants to get to read "The Always Rising of the Night", though my outer forty-five-year-old accepts it's unlikely to happen...

Okay, I shut up now. :o)

Christopher said...

Hope I did it right. Let me know if not. Also -- thanks!!!!

Michael Grant said...

Oh, yeah; and what Christopher said, too (oops): Thanks!

Dubh said...

Thank you sir! I so need a new Continuing time fix.