Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Caine Black Knife

At Amazon.


slauderd said...

Thought I'd check out the series, since your recommendations generally haven't led me wrong.

Tracking down book 2 of this at something resembling a reasonable price is proving an impossibility.

Sean Fagan said...

As I mentioned in email, John Scalzi hosted a short article by Stover on his blog. Hopefully resulted in a nice jump in readership for the book.

Anonymous said...

so where can I find a copy of the perfect thief? no amazon, no paperbackswap, no bookfinder, no local or regional used stores... any suggestions?

Joe Wheeler

jj sutherland said...

Just finished it last night. As I've told you before I thought in the first two books Stover ended up writing himself into a corner, they were great, and great fun, though.

This one is better. And Caine is bad-ASS in this book. I wholly approve.

slauderd said...

Well of course Heroes Die was really fucking good. And I managed to track down a copy for less than $30 for a "good" condition paperback for Blade of Tyshalle. (A good majority of them are going for $

Thanks for the recommendation. Caine is a pretty enjoyable character.

NSB said...

Blade will apparently be reissued in print on demand format at some point.