Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brilliant: Welcome to the Third World!,0,7282720.column

Most of what's wrong with our economy comes down to borrowing money rather than paying as you go. The extremely low interest rates that caused the housing boom & bust were directly related to the Bush Administration's need to keep interest rates down to help finance their massive borrowing. The oil shocks were coming anyway, Peak Oil has always been a reality, but the rest of this could have been avoided by sane fiscal policy.


Speaking of sanity -- interesting couple of weeks coming. We've got family court next week -- they're apparently inclined to send my 12 year old son to reunification therapy with the baby killer -- and my daughter is talking about going to go see the District Attorney about things Alan said after Anthony died. I've thought Alan murdered that baby ever since I read the entire dependency doc, but apparently he said things she's sat on ever since. I don't think she wants to see Alan go to jail for the rest of his life -- I admit, I do -- but, like me, I think she's about reached the limit of what she's willing to tolerate.


Sean Fagan said...

ugh ugh ugh

I could really use some cheerful news for once!

Daniel Keys Moran said...

Is that about us or about the 3rd world American economy and infrastructure?

We're going to be OK. I'm reasonably sure Bram's not going to therapy with the man who killed his little brother.

Sean Fagan said...

It's everything. The economy going the route of either Wicked Witch is double-plus-ungood, of course. And the familial drama is... well. Better off not there.

Anonymous said...

great link; rough to think about, but glad you posted it. I've forwarded it here and there. thank you!

a little justice seems like it shouldn't be too much to ask for. I hope you see some. good luck.

on another note, I noticed the metadata on TheLastDancer.pdf posted at immunitysec isn't quite accurate. I mention it because it confuses my sony reader, and it didn't let me view it with the reader until I changed the metadata with a full version of acrobat. I could send you a cleaner version if you wish.