Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pirate Guy

Thanks to Steve Perry for forwarding this ....

Thinking about getting some little gold hoop earrings. Just for the look.


One more for the Dodgers and they've won their division. Admittedly this is the worst division in baseball -- earlier this year it was in contention for the worst division in MLB history -- but hey, they're the Dodgers. This is progress.

BTW, you Brooklyn Dodgers fans -- I've heard it all. The reason I was born in Los Angeles in the first place was that my father followed the Dodgers 0ut from Brooklyn, fifty years ago this year ....

I am pleased for Joe Torrey. A year after being unceremoniously booted out of New York, he has the Dodgers in the playoffs -- and the Yankees are missing the playoffs for the first time in a decade or more.


Michael Brand said...


Reminds me of one of my pirate characters... 'Two Patch Jack' with his parrot Rightie (the only word it knows is 'right')

"Which way do we go Rightie?"

"Squack! Right!"

"Aargh! Why do I feel like we're always goin' in circles?"

Steve Perry said...

Too late to root for the Cubs ... ?