Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Been busy ...

Much to talk about, but I've been a little occupied the last few weeks. Some of what I'm going to talk about is Alan Rodgers -- apparently the baby killer sued me recently for hurting his feelings. (Swear to God.) I've been waiting for a while for a defamation lawsuit from him -- since verything I've posted about him has been true, I figured that was a winning lawsuit. Apparently so did he. So (I haven't seen the lawsuit yet) he sued me, not for saying that I thought he'd murdered his infant son, but because I posted information from the Dependency Court which said a bunch of vile (and true) things about him ... and this hurt his feelings. "Infliction of emotional distress," I think the phrase is.

Alan Rodgers Experience will probably be back online shortly.

Also another chunk of AI War coming soon.


The Dodgers are in first place!

Kobe rocked at the Olympics. It doesn't make up for the collapse against the Celtics, but it was sure nice to watch.


Sean Fagan said...


That makes you the second person I know sued for defamation in as many weeks. (The other person -- well, people, husband and wife -- lost arbitration about their house remodel. And the contractors have demanded that the web page that has all the depositions on it be taken down. My friends will, almost certainly, end up having to do so, since they owe something over half a million dollars due to this debacle.)

Dan Moran said...

If I'm not mistaken, I haven't been sued for defamation, for having said horrible true things about Alan; I've been sued for hurting Alan's by posting horrible true things from a Dependency Court document.

Got an interesting screed in the comments from Amy Casil. I'm not going to publish it, but if she'd like to publish it over on her blog where I can get it notarized, I'll be happy to respond to it.

Some women wouldn't have gone back to a man who killed their baby.

kaze said...

well some one's gotta call the baby killers of the world what they are laws to the contrary be damned.

I've been enjoying the hell out of the new Trent by the by. It's kind of like catching up with old friends form high school except Trent has aged a great deal better.

Deadford said...

Isn't it written somewhere in the constitution that you're allowed to hurt someone's feelings if they're a big giant babykiller? I could have sworn...

Dan Moran said...

Another lengthy screed from Amy Casil in the comments. Just for the record, Amy Casil, the law suit you're facing next isn't me; it's Alex. Wrongful death suit over her little brother Anthony. You can talk about me until you're blue in the face ... but you are going to get the opportunity to explain to the world why you left that baby with the functional equivalent of a crack addict.

I am going to post the entire dependency court document fairly soon. I didn't write it, and you and I both know what's in it.

Uliari said...

No comment needed but

"If she does not like you, why does she read your blog?"

'nuff said

Dan Moran said...

Shrug. The pair of them have had every opportunity to go away and leave us in peace. They haven't and they won't. After he killed his baby, Alan Rodgers posted fantasies on his SFF.net topic about "horrible and wonderful" things happening to me. Amy Casil posted a couple screeds on her topic on SFF.net, again about me.

A man who killed a baby and essentially (so far, at least -- no statute of limitations on murder) got away with it ... might sensibly have kept his head down. Not Rodgers and not Casil. Between them they killed their infant and then spent the next two years posting about me and my wife.

Anonymous said...

You'd think that someone who lost a child would understand what the term "emotional distress" really meant and wouldn't banter it about needlessly.
Sorry you/your family have to deal w/ this shit Dan.......Ron

Jesse Wendel said...


How really fucking stupid of them.

I publish one of the top 50 political blogs in the country (eight writer/bloggers, as of this moment; more to come over the year ahead.)

My colleagues and I write all kinds of raw shit in it about our own personal lives, 'cause readers eat that up. My personal life includes my three daughters and one son, whom I raised by myself from when they were 11 through 5.

That said, there is some stuff that I would NEVER talk about, never even think about writing about. It just ain't no one else's damn business.

One would presume murdering one's baby falls in that category.

Idiots. Some people are just fucking idiots.

Please feel free to write me off-line Dan, if there's anything you think I may be able to do to help, including reposts and so on. I am not even slightly afraid of reprinting public records. That is what reporters DO.

*smiles sweetly*

J.D. Ray said...


I suppose one way to look at it is that someone who makes one bad decision is likely to make others. I know I'm prone to them, though not of any sort of magnitude that includes murder or suing someone for making me cry.

My wonderful wife held forth a succinct bit of wisdom one day; she said, "People don't have the right to not be offended." To me, anyone who holds forth a lawsuit should be immediately thrown out of court and sent a bill for all legal expenses involved on both sides, the court's time, and a decent "pain in the ass" fee to be paid to the defendant for even having to deal with it.

The ability for anyone to bring litigation against anyone else is a really sharp double-edged sword. It means that no one in our country is, by law, untouchable (in practice, this may be different). On the other hand, it encourages frivolity. The only way to discourage such frivolity (okay one way) is to make it hurt. But were in America; we don't like things to hurt unless someone else hurts more than we do.

Anonomouse said...

I dont want to be a pest, however... "Also another chunk of AI War coming soon."

Just a reminder. If REAL LIFE is getting in the way, don't worry about it.