Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fifth place ...

And, after going 2-2 in their last four games, the Lakers are now the fifth seed in the Western Conference. They're tied with four teams in the loss column (13 losses) and behind New Orleans. The Lakers best on-the-ball defender after Kobe, Trevor Ariza, is down for 8 weeks. Three of the Lakers four tallest players are out -- Bynum, Chris Mihm, and Vlad Rad.

On the upside, the Celtics are 6-4 across their last 10 games and aren't going to come close to 72-10, but that does the Lakers no good if they don't get healthy again. Healthy, this is a contending team. But they do seem cursed by the injury bug, recent years ...


Having some eye problems -- nothing major, but impacting my efficiency. I've had no time in front of my own computer for the last 2 weeks to speak of, unfortunately, which has slowed me down on a number of areas. Those two new e-books are still hanging fire, and my apologies for that. I did install Linux (ubuntu) on my notebook while on the road last week -- not impressed so far. It failed to recognize my wireless adapter (a fairly standard Broadcom chipset) -- so being unable to get online, I spent some time trying to get OpenOffice to handle my Word documents instead. Mixed results there, too -- Writer doesn't support the ability to center text vertically on the page without using frames, so all my heavily formatted e-books look awful when ported into Writer. I could probably fix all those docs with a day's work, and I may have to, but I wish it just read them correctly.

On the upside, there's PDF export ability built into Writer.


No way the Patriots can lose in the Super Bowl. Inconceivable....


md5 said...


I, also, had difficulty in getting my ubuntu installation to play nicely with my broadcom-chipset wireless card. The instructions I found in the forums on implementing ndiswrapper worked well enough. Presently, connecting at boot/login time to my default SSID is a breeze, but gets flaky sometimes if I'm out and try to connect to another wireless network (i.e. I have to update the config and reboot...but I'm probably just a 'tard with iwconfig).

Regardless, one or more of these might help you out as they did for me, if you want to take another crack at it.


J.D. Ray said...


"I do not think that word means what you think it means." ;)

You know, if you buy a Mac, you can put MS Office on it AND have PDF creation capability (part of the Mac print mechanism).

TJ Erickson said...

Dan, I cannot believe you would jinx Tommy and Co. that way! You know he's now gonna be in a motorcycle accident and break his arm, or sprain his wrist shopping. -grin-
Though I agree, other than that, I don't see a loss in their future. Good luck with everything, and I (and everyone I have made to read the books) is ecstatic to see you writing again. Even if we don't get all 33 volumes. I settle for Trent. And maybe Ola. And Daniel November. And maybe Man-Spacething War.


J.D. Ray said...

Hmm... Pirating yourself for profit. Dan, this sounds right up your alley:

Shawn said...

Ubuntu usually works fairly easily with wireless - those links should solve it. If not, well, give us a wired link into the box, share your IP, and give one of the geeks on here temporary root access and I'm sure we'd have your wireless working in no time.

(say, what's this file titled AI War - draft? *yoink*)

Greg said...

Mr Moran,

Have been a fan for many years and I was going through my collection of books to whittle it down and thought I would check again to see if you were still writing/alive.

Glad to see you are both alive and writing, so sorry to see that MD has impacted your life, my father fought AMD for the last 2 years of his life.

Are there future plans made or in progress to make your work available( I am sure the website has some information on that, however I am not certain where it is and if I have the skills to find it)

In closing, best wishes, your work has brouhgt me nay hours of enjoyment and I look forward to the day when you have new work for your fans to enjoy...
Greg Cane
Longs, SC

Steve Perry said...

So, Sunday, chips, dip, and beer, watch the commercials and root for whichever team whose uniforms we like.

If it's a blowout and we were supporting the leaders, we switch our allegiance to the other team.

I like the Patriots. Or the Giants.

Bryant said...

... Gasol for junk?

I note that Chris Wallace is the current GM of the Grizzlies. He was the previous GM of the Celtics. Chalk up one more reason why the first chunk of this decade was bad for the Green.

Oh, and congrats!