Sunday, October 14, 2007

Backup Bear

Connor peeked around the door to Sam's office. "Sam, have you seen Fluffy?" Fluffy was Connor's teddy bear.

"I have not."

"Can I check if he's in your room?"

"Yes, but then straight to bed."

Connor darted into Sam's bedroom. Sam heard him moving about ... a few minutes later Connor trudged back out into the office. "He's not there. I can't find him."

"Well, go to bed, and tomorrow we'll look for him."

"OK." Connor brightened. "I guess I can cuddle with my backup bear."

FatSam looked away from the screen. "Backup bear?"

"You know, like something that's not as good as something else is a backup. I'll cuddle with my backup bear and I'll be OK, and we'll find Fluffy tomorrow."


I don't know if it's related or not, but I had ridiculously large .pdf files being generated for Last Dancer, and incredibly slowly at that, on my main system; then Thursday evening the main box refused to boot. I've got the doc backed up elsewhere, so at a minimum I'll send the .rtf file out this week, and maybe the .pdf too if I can get around to setting up the notebook to generate .pdfs.

The .rtf file is the right size, anyway.


Sean Fagan said...


Reminds me of a story I heard at work -- someone giving a talk about a new backup feature in the upcoming product. He said he conducted an informal survey, and 75% did not do a regular backup. The remaining 25% said, "Daddy, what's a backup?"

Strand said...
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Strand said...

If you'd like, I'd be happy to turn the RTF into a PDF, either informally (I'll do it when the RTF goes up and send you the result) or formally (send it to me beforehand so the PDF can go up at the same time).


(Added email.)

Dan Moran said...

The Last Dancer went to Aitel over at immunity. It's just the .rtf file -- Bryant, if you'd like to pdf it, I'd certainly be appreciative. I'll forward the doc in .rtf.