Monday, January 31, 2011

Iron Dawn and Jericho Moon by Matt Stover

I take particular pleasure in being able to make these two available again. is offering them for sale in epub, mobi, html, and pdf formats. These were Matt's first two novels, and they're superb -- Jericho Moon, the sequel, is in particular one of my very favorite novels.

The Age of Heroes is over. The walls of Troy fell ten years ago, and the bright morning of civilization around the eastern Mediterranean is crumbling into adark age of war and savagery -- but for Barra the Pict, axe-wielding barbarian princess from the far-off land of Albion and her mercenary companions, war and savagery are business opportunities. When she and her friends make landfall in Tyre, the jewel of Phoenikia, the city is already under attack by ahidden enemy armed both with bright bronze and with black sorcery. For Barra, that adds up to silver.

Light? Dark? Who cares? She's the girl with the axe.

The kingdoms of Canaan are crumbling under a brutally relentless invasion. Now the last surviving Canaanite king has sent out a call for mercenaries to defend his capital, and where there's money to be made by spilling blood, Barra the Pict, gigantic Leucas of Athens and wily Kheperus, master of Egyptian magics, are sure to follow. Especially this city, built high upon an escarpment, with walls that dwarf those of fallen Jericho. And the invaders are only barbarians, after all, more a horde than an army. Easy money.

Or it would be . . . but the city is Jerusalem, and the invaders are the Israelites under the command of the invincible Joshua ben Nun, and the gods of Canaan have chosen Barra for their champion.

Angels, gods, blackest sorcery and shining courage take the field in one final battle for the fate of Canaan.

Winner take all.

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