Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rustlers Rhapsody

One of the great movies you never heard of.

Sidekick: Why don’t you stay in the hotel?
Rex: I never stay in town.
Sidekick: Oh, What’s your name anyhow?
Rex: I’m Rex O'Herlihan, the Singing Cowboy.
Sidekick: The what?

Sidekick: I just want to say one thing. I hope you shoot Mr. Barber in both hands.
Rex: Who?
Sidekick: Barber, Bob Barber.
Rex: Bob Barber?
Sidekick: Yeah that’s what the Colonel’s daughter called him.
Rex: Not Bad Bob Barber … Bothersome Bob Barber … Bob the Butcher Barber?
Sidekick: No ... no, just Bob.

Rex: Ever faced another good guy before?
Bob Barber: Nope.
Rex: Me neither.
Bob Barber: Kinda makes you wonder what'll happen.
Rex: I figure the good guy'll win, just like always.
Bob Barber: Yeah, except we're both good guys.
Rex: Then I figure the most good good guy will win.
Bob Barber: That's how I figure, too.
Rex: Yep.

Just a joy from end to end.


Sean Fagan said...

I love that movie. It gets no love whatsoever, however, and I have heard bad things about the DVD transfer.

It's hard to do a good self-referential story, but they managed here.

Jeff Mott said...

Roots are kickin' in...

Steve Perry said...

Oh, the references to the old cowboy movies I grew up watching are hilarious. Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Don Red Barry, Lash Larue ...

That shooting practice scene alone is worth the price of the movie. Hell, there are a dozen scenes worth the price of the movie -- too smart for the room though, I think. If you didn't have the b.g., it went right past you.

Same thing happened with Schwarzengger's Last Action Hero. Got a lot of puzzled looks, but I thought it was brilliant, the Guvernator poking fun at himself as the great ham. "Ahnahl Braunschweiger ..."

Anonymous said...

Never heard of? This is my second favorite Western.


Dan Moran said...

What's your first? Tell me it's Lonesome Dove....

Anonymous said...

Number 1 with a bullet is Blazing Saddles - I've seen it a million times and I still laugh my ass off.

Lonesome Dove is number 3.


Steve Perry said...

That would Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which isn't really a western, but still

Lonesome Dove is the best western novel, and the miniseries isn't far behind.

Dan Moran said...

Interesting -- the bit I typed in the post, of Rex & Bob Barber talking?

I got the attributions wrong. Bob says the line, "I figure the most good good guy will win."

And yet, I hear Rex's voice in my head when I think of that line. When I typed it up, it never even crossed my mind I was getting it wrong.

Dan Moran said...

I respect the Butch and Sundance answer. It's not mine, but it's a good one.

There's a bunch of westerns that I could see someone listing as their favorite for one reason or another. I've always been partial to Unforgiven, myself.

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of mood, and of scale. When I want to laugh, Blazing Saddles and Rustler's Rhapsody are my top picks for westerns. When I want something serious, something that will ride shotgun with me for a while, then Lonesome Dove fits the bill. So does Butch and Sundance, and I'd be hard pressed to pick one over the other.

Also high on my list is The Shootist. It was The Duke's last film, and I think it's his best work.

The Unforgiven just didn't work for me.