Sunday, June 14, 2009


I Love L.A.


Dan Moran said...

Steve Perry is wise. I bow before his wisdom regarding the inconceivable.

Steve Perry said...

As well you should.

Kind of reminds me of the old saw about soccer.

Soccer is a game played internationally and with much spirited competition in matches around the world each year --

-- and then the Germans win.

Somehow, during the season, everybody looked better than L.A. It looked like LeBron and his gang were gonna steamroll everybody, but

-- then the Lakers won ...

Anonymous said...

so was it shaq or kobe that made the laker teams great... I say Kobe!

DA Joe

Dan Moran said...

Kobe. Shaq brought the production, but the fact is you can get production in a lot of different ways. Getting that guy who wants to crush you, rip your heart out, knife you in front of your wife and kids, who wants the ball when everyone else has sweaty palms ... and who can then deliver on all that bravado, year after year after year ... there haven't been many of those guys in the whole history of the game.