Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Allow Me To Retort

... there's this passage I got memorized ...

One of the great moments in film.


Sean Fagan said...

Oh, good, you're still alive.

Or, someone stole your password.


Dan Moran said...

I've been busy, but things have slowed down. I've got some new material to post, as well as a really superb piece by my daughter about, of all things, Aaron Burr ... done in verse.

Slew of new material going up on the Alan Rodgers Experience. A court sentenced my 17 year old daughter to "reunification therapy" with the man who killed her little brother, and she has some thoughts on this subject.

Dan Moran said...

And note the superb new blog header.

December 25, 2008 in Los Angeles: Celtics on a 19-game winning streak. Final score, Lakers 92, Celtics 83

February 5, 2009 in Boston: Celtics on a 12-game winning streak. Andrew Bynum, the Lakers Beast in the Middle, out 8-12 weeks with a knee injury. Final score, Lakers 110, Celtics 109 in Overtime.

And, not that it matters to me 1/100th as much, but the Cavaliers had a 23-game home winning streak before the Lakers went into Cleveland and beat them 101-91.

None of this takes away the sting of last year's finals flameout, but it's still pleasant.

Jay in Oregon said...

Here's an interesting project revolving around that little scene:


Nathan Kaiser said...

Sorry to hear about the court imposed "reunification therapy."

I am sure we are all excited to see you posting once again.

Steve Perry said...

Lakers? Lakers? Didn't they used to be a basketball team? Long ago?

Dan Moran said...

Yeah, back in Milwaukee there was a team called the Lakers. I'm a big fan of that old school stuff.