Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I had a really great post ready ...

About Jim Murray, Jack Anderson, Chick Hearn, and my father, to be posted when the Lakers won the championship. It'll have to wait for another year.

Congratulations to the Celtics. The better team won.

Maybe I can get a decent night's sleep now.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your pain

Joe Wheeler

A. said...

I agree. I mean, I tried to be grumpy about it but I just couldn't find myself being angry at the Celtics. They played a tight game and exploited every weakness shown to them, which, sadly, was a lot,

I look forward to your post next year.

Anonomouse said...

My condolences.

How about a big post of AI War.

I'm just being Greedy.

Dan Moran said...

Yeah, probably this weekend. I have the weekend clear after a long week of graduations --

I did sleep well last night. Complete disaster is strangely liberating. I don't lie awake thinking "If only they'd got that rebound ... if only that foul had been/hadn't been called ... if only X had made that last-second shot ..."

No, they got completely bitch slapped by a tougher, hungrier, better team. When your guys come close and go down with no bullets left unfired, that can haunt you -- I'm still crabby about the time the Lakers got hosed in Phoenix by the Charles Barkley Suns, 15 years or so ago. Bad calls robbed them of a series they'd won --

-- this? The crookedest refs in the world couldn't have salvaged Game 6 for the Lakers. (Not that I think the refs are crooked in the NBA, Donaghy aside -- incompetent and petty, but not crooked.)

It was an epic ass kicking. Half the team quit. I should lose sleep over that?

Anonymous said...

And so it goes. I'm getting sleep now too. Game 4 was the clear signal; I was worried after Game 2, but once the Celts managed that comeback in Game 4 matters were fairly clear.

Not that I wasn't worried sick about Perkins' shoulder, Ray Allen's family issues, or the mechanical problems with the flight back. But still.

You were 100% correct about Farmar. He's going to be remarkably good on this team. He's quick, he's daring, and he's got a good outside shot. I would be completely happy to see Farmar and Rondo fighting it out in the Finals for several years.

Putting Kobe on Rondo was also really smart. In all my thinking about the matchups, that's not something I'd anticipated. If I had, I would have known it would work in LA. At home he has the confidence to keep shooting. It's a flaw in Rondo's game, but I'm hoping he'll correct it.

I expect Gasol needs a low post banger such as Bynum in the same way as Garnett needs a low post banger like Perkins. It's odd, but that 15 minutes Perkins got to play on Tuesday made a significant difference in Garnett's game. It gives him room to loosen up and roam a bit on defense. So yeah, Gasol's going to improve next year.

Hoping for another Lakers/Celtics Finals. It's just the right matchup, with all due respect to the thirty other teams.

Deadford said...

I thought of you when the Celtics victory parade went by my office yesterday. It's good you weren't here, you probably wouldn't have been able to resist throwing rotten fruit at the players on the "Duck Boats" as they went by with the trophy. :-)

Steve Perry said...

Still depressed?

Dan Moran said...

No, thanks for asking. It was a rotten few days, but it was a good year. The game is played for rings, and the Lakers have a multi-year window to go get more. Considering where the Lakers were at the start of the year -- I did a post saying goodbye to Kobe on this blog -- I'd have to be the whiny bitch of the universe to walk away from this season feeling bad for any length of time.

Oh, and fuck the Celtics.