Monday, April 14, 2008

The Avatars of FatSam and Jimbo

Continuing to clean up the filesystem after moving to Ubuntu -- ran across a directory which had nearly every avatar I've used in the last 15 years. There's minor nudity down toward the end -- don't scroll down that far if that sort of thing offends you, and for the sake of your immortal soul, don't click through ... the small thumbnails are bad enough, but the large versions are downright appalling.

If you have questions about a particular image, feel free to ask -- I'd planned on describing them all at least briefly, but just uploading them took much longer than I'd expected. It would sure be nice if Blogger could do multiple uploads at once.

This is not my favorite art; much different criteria there. Just the art that ended up being used as avatars, once upon a time.

They fall into a few pretty obvious groupings:

Audrey Hepburn

The Lakers
Me and Connor at the Championship Parade in '02.

Me and Richard, ditto.

The image I used of Chick Hearn on the front page of LakersTalk when he died.

There's a family block of pics below -- the one with my boys and Kobe could be in that group too. Of course, so could the one that's in that group, of me and Amy, since I'm wearing Lakers gear in it....


Political and personal, above -- I'm afraid I gave Poindexter at least part of the idea for TIA. And "Morans," of course ...

Art -- Mine

I've done other stuff that's less representational -- but these are the ones I like best. Probably because the more representational stuff shows how thoroughly untrained I am ...

Art - Others

The last 3 images are of Aki Ross (Final Fantasy) and probably wouldn't be of interest today -- but they were the first rendered 3D images of a human being that I saw that I really thought succeeded.


In no real order -- Me and Jodi; my Dad when he ran for City Council and when he joined the Marines; me and Connor the day I found out I was going blind in my right eye (that patch is plastic); me and Amy in Florida; my Dad with my boys, 3 sons and nephew Kevin; Dad, graduating from college; me and my sisters, when I was maybe 18 or 19; my Dad at 14; my Dad with Richard when he was a baby.

Lot of avatars of my father -- all after he died. None of my Mom; she's still alive. I think she got the better deal on that one.

What's left

Landscapes; a little girl I scanned with my first black and white scanner, 20+ years ago; G-Force! (tiny bits of which made it into "The Face of Night"); PhatSam; Pulp Fiction (wallet saying "Bad Mother Fucker"); model I thought looked like Ola Blue; Revenge; Agra Fort in India.


They are what they are -- none of them embarrass me, exactly. :-)

Milo Manara; unknown; Royo; Madoka Ozawa (looks like I thought Denice Castanaveras looked after she got biosculpted); Cameron Richardson; Ana Beatriz Barros, twice; Devon Aoki; Aurora Robles; Cheryl Tiegs -- I was about 14 when that came out, and I had that issue of SI for years and years and years; Margaret Cho; Jennifer Lopez; Michelle Pfeiffer (bit in Ladyhawke always reminded me of Ola Blue: "Are you flesh or spirit?" "I am sorrow."); Phoebe Cates, and god I'm old; and Paulina Porizkova, with whom I once danced.


Steve Perry said...

I particularly liked the "Get a Brain Morans" image. Works on many levels, especially for you ...

J.D. Ray said...

Oops. Just posted a comment in the wrong section. Oh, well. I guess I'm a moran. ;)

John said...

Always loved the "Get a Brain Morans" one as well.....

What I don't see is Jill's butterfly avatar when she passed away. Don't know if you used that back in the day.

Jas. said...

"model I thought looked like Ola Blue"

I have a question about this one. My impression from the online story fragments is that, by Ola's time (and even in Trent's time) people can change their appearance at will. Ola in "LeftBehind" doesn't look like the model ... she chose her appearance based on the people she would be meeting. So, if this model looks like Ola Blue, may I ask what baseline you are using for the comparison?

Dan Moran said...


This is what Ola Blue looked like before she started getting sculpted. That's all.

John, I don't have Jill's butterfly avatar in that directory; I looked. Maybe I have it in the Lakerstalk backups. I'll check.

Frank said...

Old or not, Michelle Pfeiffer is still hot. I saw Stardust for her and only for her. :-)