Thursday, September 6, 2007

Real estate, USB, Angel and Chickens

If you're tracking the real estate crash, you probably already know this blog; if you're not, you might want to start. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

Peter Viles writes the LA Land blog over at the LA Times; if you're interested in Los Angeles real estate particularly, it's a good blog. Viles is a first rate journalist -- I suspect I disagree with his politics, but he makes a good effort to be objective despite his biases -- all you can ask of anyone and probably more than should be asked of a blogger. And he has good taste in burgers.


My main computer's been down for a week, but I got it back up last night at 2 AM, so Last Dancer should go out to the people who've volunteered to proof it tonight. (My computer won't boot if it doesn't see the USB drives it expects on the chain, and my USB hub flamed out last week. So I got a new one -- but it's worrying that my XP Pro system thinks those drives are critical for booting. It took me some days to track down that the problem was the USB hub -- who's seen a machine refuse to boot because the hub had gone south? I hadn't.)


Had dinner last night with Angel Greenwood -- old girlfriend. Model for Angel in "A Moment in Time" and also for Angel de Luz in "AI War" and "Crystal Wind." She was this stunning dark-haired half-Latina motorcycle courier -- 2nd female motorcycle courier in the history of the city of L.A. -- Jim Cameron owes the girl royalties.

Hadn't seen her in a decade and was surprised to find myself nervous before meeting her -- would she be old and fat? Would she think I was old and fat?

It turns out we are old, but we're both hanging in there and she looked good and was doing well. She's a first-rate artist and had started working again recently -- right about the same time I started writing again, by coincidence.

And she liked the patch. :-)


Stupidest joke I've heard in a long time, but it made me laugh --

How do you sell a chicken to someone who's hard of hearing?

(You get up in the face of the person you're telling the joke to and shout): DO ... YOU ... WANT ... TO ... BUY ... A ... CHICKEN?


joseph said...

That's cool about the old girlfriend, it's nice to meet old friends again, and that you two can still be friends.

Is your wife ok about you having dinner with an old girlfriend? Some wives would be a little hesitant to see their husband having dinner with an old flame.

I love the chicken joke, I'll have to tell my wife.

Dan Moran said...

My wife's OK with it. Had dinner w/my second wife some months back, I sent my first wife some Dixie Chicks CDs recently -- everyone I've been involved with for any meaningful length of time is a decent person, and it's nice to see them doing well.

Dan Moran said...

BTW, the computer that booted last night is refusing to boot again today. I might have to start transferring stuff to my notebook to get work done.

MLL said...

Just got back from Half Price Books. I got a little circut I walk the stores in, checking for things. Always sweep the M's for DKMmery.

Ran across a paperback TLR and TLD.

Even though I have them both in paperback, and have TLR in hardback, word doc, and PDF...
I bought TLR anyway. Couldn't leave it.

People love this book.
People, being me.

Bring on the TLD proofreaders copies!