Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sylvia Louise Engdahl

Enghdal wrote two of my favorite SF juveniles, "Enchantress From The Stars" and "The Far Side of Evil." Evil in particular is a superb book (and would make a cheap and really good SF movie ...)

Engdahl has a new book coming out for the first time in 28 years.


The website comes off pretty didactic, but I'm going to buy the book anyway -- I used to tolerate Heinlein's preaching pretty well, because at least early on he wrapped it inside first rate stories. If you're not already an Engdahl fan, this may not be the place to start, but if you are, now you know it's out there.


I got asked by a couple people to do a second draft of the "Infinite Methods" post. I'm not going to do this often -- revising blog entries is way more energy than I'm putting into this -- but given the subject matter of the Infinite Methods post, what it looks like boiled down is a fair request. Probably be up this weekend.


Tom said...

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising ???
rubbish, pure rubbish. It looks like it has been bastardized just enough to ruin everything. Eccleston is the only hope I have for this movie now.

way off topic, I know. Sorry, I just had to voice my displeasure somewhere. And to think, when I first heard 'the Dark is Rising' was being given the movie treatment I was excited.

Dan Moran said...

Good a place as any to bitch. It does look dreadful, doesn't it?

Sylvia said...

Thanks for the comment, Dan!

I've just started a blog here,
Toward Tomorrow (http://towardtomorrow.blogspot.com) in which I'll be writing about some of the issues raised by my new adult novel, and more. I hope people who have liked my work will visit.