Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quietvision & PDFs

Working on AI War ...

I have not heard back from John Schaeffer at Quietvision -- been a month now since he agreed to send me a letter officially terminating our business together. I received this e-mail from him on June 10, and four more emails since then have received no response:

From: Quiet Vision Publishing
To: Dan Moran
Cc: John;
Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2007 12:48:30 PM
Subject: Re: Hi there.

Daniel Moran: is inactive do to overuse. It has not worked for years, sorry.The contract term ended years ago. If this is not enough I will send you asigned snail mail. Provide you regular address and I will send you allthe inventory that is left of your titles including 20+ hardcovers via UPS.

John M. Schaeffer
Quiet Vision Publishing

I'm not sorry I did business with Quietvision -- I typeset those books, created the PDFs for the publisher, and did the cover art -- and Quietvision took most of the profits from them. But the profits were never that great, some tens of thousands of dollars at a guess, Quetvision did a good job of shipping the books, and it did keep the stories available. I do wish I weren't having to take these steps to get a clean break with them, though.


I'm PDFing and posting "A Moment in Time" and the pilot for "All Possible Worlds." There's a time travel show coming up soon -- given that the first version of "All Possible Worlds" shared interesting similarities with Showtime's "Dead Like Me," I figure I might as well make that pilot public.


Sean Fagan said...

Which time travel show? I think there's a couple. One of them (um... Journeyman?) sounds an awful lot like Quantum Leap redux.

Steve Perry said...

Dan --

If you have a papermail address, send a return-receipt-requested registered letter telling him you are quits, referencing his email. That should cover you legally.