Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Docs are up at Immunity.


Many thanks to Dave Aitel and his guys at Immunity.


Sepp said...

Zero comments?!

How scandalous.

Here's mine: YAY!

Liked The Best of All Possible Worlds most.

My QuietVision copy of Emerald Eyes has literally fallen apart, and I've never gotten my hands on The Armageddon Blues--so of course I'm very much looking forward to the other ebooks.

Oh, and I have a kind of trivial question: Just what exactly is the title of AI War? Players: The AI War? Just "The AI War"? AI War? A.I. War?

Think I've seen all variations.

Greetings from a German fan.

Dan Moran said...

Used to be "Players: The AI War." Some while back I shortened it to "The AI War." How I punctuated it various different times is anyone's guess -- the mss. has it "The AI War."

joseph said...

Thanks for the books, I look forward to more.

Shawn said...

One question - you mentioned doing a PayPal link or some other way to donate, out of gratitude for putting these out there. Are you still working on that?

Dan Moran said...

Once the books are all up, I'll put up a Paypal button. Anyone who wants to donate is welcome, but there is no implicit or explicit need to do so. Any e-book I post is free, period.