Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Keeping the blogs separate --

Almost everyone reading this knows about the Alan Rodgers blog I'm maintaining, I'm sure. If you don't, and if the subject matter over there is too nasty for you, fair enough. I separated them for a reason.

But if there's any one post over there you should ever read, it's this one.


Dave said...

Dan, excellent outcome. Good news indeed.

(Btw, the first link in your post has a glitch.)

Dan Moran said...

Thanks, dave, I fixed the link.

Shawn said...

I have been following it, somewhat closely. I'm going to make my wife read through it, because her father has a lot in common with Mr. Rodgers (wow, does that sound wrong or what?) and is a real danger to her mother - something she doesn't really beleive, yet, deep down.

I'm glad that the court sided with your family on this one. Hopefully any future court appearances will also have a sane judge - though that's not certain in this country.

Ben said...

I tried to follow the link, but it says it is an invitation-only blog. Any chance I can be invited?

Dan Moran said...

Not at this time. It may go back online at a later date, but it's offline for the present.