Sunday, June 17, 2007

Public Service Announcements

Or "whoring out the new blog," depending on your viewpoint.

I've been asked to note that fans are raising funds for a full page thank you ad for Studio 60. "The ad is a tasteful goodbye to the cast & crew and also encourages readers to contribute to the Tipitina Foundation (the NOLA music organization)."

More here.

The last time I heard an unknown who sang like this, her name turned out to be Melissa Etheridge.

I'll most likely be at the Tuesday performance at the Cinema. Amy might be too, depending on scheduling. Fair warning, the Cinema's a dive that doesn't hold more than 40 or so people -- but on the upside, you'll get to listen to Jaimie within a few feet. Two years from now, she won't be playing dives like this for free.

Upcoming performances --
Tuesday June 19th - 9pm
Cinema Girls open for Bruce Ray White
The Cinema
3967 Sepulveda Blvd.Culver City, Ca. 90230

Wednesday June 20th - 10pm
Jaimi Shuey & Tracy Huffman
The Buccaneer45 N. Baldwin Ave.
Sierra Madre, CA.

Sunday June 30th - 5pm
Cinema Girls on The Echo Back Porch!
1822 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles (Echo Park), California 90023


Steve Perry said...

Nice wrap up of Studio 60, hey?

I bought it all the way, I'm a sucker for "and they lived happily ever after ..." No, of course they didn't, but I wish they did ...

Dan Moran said...

It was a very nice ending. My oldest daughter is an actor who's been on stage quite a bit -- when Danny walked up to the light that never gets turned off, she said, "That's the light that never gets turned off."

Then he turned it off, of course...

I really thought Sorkin was going to kill the brother. I'm glad he didn't. If you have to go out too early, at least you can go out happy.

Steve Perry said...

Me, I though Jordan was gone, and they did cheat that -- the scene where the doc calls Danny -- "I need to talk to you." with a face lower than the floor? That clunked big-time. If the doctor didn't have enough energy for a smile, he damn sure would have said, "Hey, Danny -- good news."

Yeah, I know why they milked it, but it wasn't necessary. It's the helicopter-coming-up-behind-them- only-in-a-movie scene, with everybody deaf and blind ...

Dan Moran said...

That's an example of one of my least favorite storytelling gags -- denying information to the audience for no reason except to raise false tension. If there's a piece of information that everyone in the story knows, but the character doesn't, the storyteller is cheating.

Steve Perry said...

Yeah, Sorkin is so good he doesn't get any slack,'cause we expect better of him.

Gotta be tough when the bar is set that high.